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Increase imperial crowns - How to increase the flower stock

Imperial crowns convince with a really magical flower picture. And the best? It is quite easy to multiply. We show how to do it.

Imperial crowns can be propagated in two different ways. The perennial imperial crown grows from an onion and often reproduces itself through the onion. You can also provide tutoring. The tuber can be divided in August and the seed heads of the flowers also provide the best basis for offspring. But beware! To ensure that nothing goes wrong with the propagation, factors such as soil, location and fertilization are decisive.

We show you how you can multiply your impressive plants and then enjoy new flowers.

Increase imperial crown made easy - 2 possibilities presented

Split the tubers of the imperial crowns

Imperial crowns are spring and early summer bloomers. The bulbs develop in a well-drained, nutrient-rich soil in such a way that they can be divided after flowering. Dig up the imperial crown in August and remove the new onion part. Put the previous tuber back in at the same location. Plant the “offshoot” freshly, ideally a planting depth of 25 to 30 centimeters.

If you place several imperial crowns side by side, the distance should be about 30 to 40 centimeters. The planting period from August to September is also important if you use bought onions. The onions have enough time until the next spring to form strong roots. Onion imperial crowns bloom the following year, but the full bloom of the attractive plants only shows up in the second year. If this is not the case, this article will help you.

»By the way: Purchased onions are not storable, please put them as soon as possible.

The broiler divides at least once, often several times. You can easily increase the imperial crowns. For healthy growth, the plant from the lily family needs a loose soil, often mixed with compost. If in doubt, mix sand into the ground. It is also practical to place the onions under a layer of earth, sand and gravel. The split onions are placed so that the reddish buds point upwards.

Collect and sow seeds

The seeds of the imperial crown are ripe in late summer. Sow the seeds in the field immediately, as temporary storage damages the ability to germinate. The so-called “frost germs” need frost to germinate, the first little plants appear in spring. It takes a few years for imperial crowns to grow from seeds. The propagation over onions is therefore much more effective.

The following applies to both methods:
Loose, nutrient-rich soil and a sunny to partially shaded location are ideal for imperial crowns. Regular watering promotes growth, but waterlogging must not form.